About Us

Hi! I’m Diane Sabino, the owner of Midtown Microgreens. My company was born from a passion for vegetable gardening. My grandfather was an expert gardener and could grow just about anything! We lived in San Diego where you could grow any vegetable or fruit at any time of year! We don’t have that luxury here in the Valley of the Sun so growing indoors made sense!

As I was trying my hand at growing hydroponic lettuce, I learned about microgreens and how they are oh so special.

And thus, Midtown Microgreen was born! In addition to growing at my little farm, I sell to chefs all over the valley. We also deliver the freshest, most beautiful organic microgreens directly to your front door.

My desire is to reach out into the community and teach school children how to grow their own food. It is something I learned as a child and I strongly believe that everyone should be growing at least some of their own food.